Local Mitigation Planning Handbook

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September is National Preparedness Month. Each year National Preparedness Month is recognized to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning. Each year FEMA puts out a themed campaign during National Preparedness Month to bring attention to the need to prepare for potential disasters. 

FEMA has a number of publications that they provide to residents, businesses, and communities that help with disaster preparedness, mitigation, and recovery. One of the more useful publications, at least in my eyes, is the Local Mitigation Planning Handbook. It helps local governments develop and update hazard mitigation plans to meet FEMA policies. The direction that the handbook provides helps communities to write hazard mitigation plans that are much more likely to get approved.

This valuable handbook has now been updated and is available on FEMA’s website. It provides information on making a more equitable plan. The new handbook also addresses ways to meet FEMA’s climate change requirements as well. Overall, the handbook received a full refresh from the 2013 version as well. The look, feel, and overall usability of the Local Mitigation Planning Handbook has been improved.

One of the best aspects of the handbook is the Worksheets, Samples, and Starter Kits section. There is over 80 pages of immediately usable items that are at the ready with a click of the “print” button in your PDF viewing software.

Check out the updated Local Mitigation Planning Handbook

The handbook is stuffed with quick-start guides, advice, and worksheets that can be quite helpful in updating your community’s plan. But the first step is not in the book. That step is opening it and reading it. You have to complete that step on your own.