Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today

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September is National Preparedness Month. Each year National Preparedness Month is recognized to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning. Each year FEMA puts out a themed campaign during National Preparedness Month to bring attention to the need to prepare for potential disasters. This year’s campaign is called “Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today“.

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The Ready.gov website has a number of resources to help your community conduct disaster and emergency planning. A variety of handouts, guides, public service announcements and a link to the FEMA app are all available through the website. This year’s materials certainly have COVID-19 related aspects included. The virus has certainly had a disastrous impact on our communities in many ways.

Even if you think your community is prepared, think again. Go through some of the planning exercises offered through the Ready.gov website to find areas you’ve missed. Even if there hasn’t been much change in your community since the last disaster and emergency planning exercise, there may be new information and ways to prepare requiring changes to your plans.