HGTV Home Town Announced

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Back in January I posted about the new series on HGTV entitled, Home Town Takeover. It’s a spin off of Erin and Bill Napier’s hit series Home Town to renovate a community. They’ll be looking at renovating local single-family homes, parks, community centers and more.

To select a community to be the subject of the show, HGTV held an open contest. They accepted videos from towns with a population of 40,000 or fewer. It concentrated the show on rural communities, those who don’t typically get the attention that the larger communities typically receive. It also tied back to overall theme of “Home Town”.

Many towns throughout the United States submitted videos to HGTV in hopes that their community would be selected. The videos of some of the Midwestern communities are even highlighted in past posts on Rural Resurrection:

Unfortunately, communities in the Midwest did not make the final cut. The town of Wetumpka, Alabama, just outside of Montgomery, Alabama, was selected. It’s a tough loss to many communities a number of them spent countless hours to prepare their video submittals to be considered for the show.

However, in the end, each community that prepared videos to submit for the show did show just how special their community was. Each community that submitted now has a promotional video that they can put on their website or social media page. Their community now has a video that touts just how great their community is. It’s a great marketing piece to have.

And who knows, if the show continues to additional seasons, they have their video ready to try again.

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