Grant Spotlight: State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship®

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GrantsA number of large corporations have philanthropic interests. You just have to know which ones offer grants that 1) your community qualifies for, and 2) supports a project that you’re looking to fund. That’s what makes it so tough because there are so many corporations out there and no consistency between them in what they want to fund. That’s no fault to these organizations, they all have their own causes that they want to put their money towards. One of the corporations that keeps communities in mind is State Farm. With their Community Grants they fund projects for a number of nonprofit entities including, yes, municipal governments.

As State Farm’s grant website states:

Good Neighbor Citizenship® company grants are dedicated to helping build safer, stronger and better educated communities across the United States. We focus on: safety, community development and education.

Their grants fund the following project categories:

Safety Grants

  • Auto and roadway safety
  • Teen driver education
  • Home safety and fire prevention
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Disaster recovery

Community Development

  • Affordable housing
  • Job training
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • Small business development
  • First-time homeownership
  • Financial literacy

Education Grants

  • Higher Education
  • Career and college readiness
  • K-12 Programs
    • Academic performance improvement
    • Community-based service-learning
    • Teacher development

However, State Farm does not have an open application process. Their grants are available through invitation only. Hence, interested communities should reach out to their respective State Farm® Community Contact located in the state you reside in and/or serve to find out more.

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