Grant Spotlight: T-Mobile Hometown Grants

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Wireless provider T-Mobile has partnered with Smart Growth America and Main Street America to develop a grant program that will help small towns and rural communities. They’ll be awarding up to 100 towns a year with up to $50,000 each. In all, the T-Mobile Hometown Grants is a $25 million commitment to helping small towns over the next five years.

What kinds of projects will the T-Mobile Hometown Grants fund?

Grant funds can be applied towards projects that build, rebuild, or refresh community spaces that “help foster local connections in your town”. Some of the example projects that the grant website mentioned included the construction of a town square pavilion, a historic building, an outdoor park, ball fields, or library improvements. In general, places in towns where people gather and “connect”.

Lake View Pavilion

Multiple Submission Deadlines

Unlike most grant programs, the T-Mobile Hometown Grants program has quarterly submittal dates:

    • Spring: Applications open January – March
    • Summer: Applications open April – June
    • Fall: Applications open July – September
    • Winter: Applications open October – December

Essentially, the grant application process is open all the time, it just depends on when you apply as to what quarter your application will be considered in.

What’s the Process?

Communities with populations under $50,000 are eligible to apply for funds. To apply, go to the grant application website (link below) and fill out an online application.

T-Mobile Hometown Grants website

The latest grant cycle has opened up. Apply today!

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