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My posts about each year’s RAGBRAI event in Iowa have been a popular set of posts on this blog. Each year that my team, the Buff Riders, takes on RAGBRAI I look for interesting stories about communities or intriguing aspects of the community that I find as I travel from town to town.

Provided below is a list of the postings on Rural Resurrection about the event. When new posts on this subject are added to the blog, this post will be updated and re-published later in the week.

RAGBRAI 2018 – Showing the Impact of Bicycles on the Local Economy

Each year towns and cities across Iowa play host to well over 15,000 bike riders from all 50 states in an event called the oldest, largest and longest recreational bicycle touring event in the world. RAGBRAI. Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa is essentially a massive rolling celebration that affects every community it touches along the way.

Stuart was Eggceptional in Preparing for RAGBRAI

Stuart, Iowa, didn’t let their small size become a deterrent to providing a first-class experience for Iowa’s annual RAGBRAI event.

Active Parks and Recreation

RAGBRAI 2019 Winners

The communities of Atlantic and Donnellson rolled out the red carpet at a level above and beyond the others along the route.

RAGBRAI is Back for 2021

After a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the event came back! Although wasn’t able to go in 2021, some of the best efforts of the communities along the route still needed to be celebrated, much like the 2019 awards.

RAGBRAI 2022 Winners

There are select communities that rose to the challenge and put their best foot forward in 2022. Communities that rolled out the red carpet for bikers and the ensemble of support staff, vendors, and throngs of people who want to party each night. These communities make out as winners for the week-long event.

Canopies in Pocahontas

Canopies in Pocahontas

RAGRAI 2022: West Union Goes Green – Part 1

The City of West Union has gone green in a big way. They’ve become a model community for sustainability and resilience (Part 1).

RAGRAI 2022: West Union Goes Green – Part 2

The City of West Union has gone green in a big way. They’ve become a model community for sustainability and resilience (Part 2).

RAGBRAI ’22: Agritourism Shines on Day One

When most people think of activities at RAGBRAI, they think of the towns, but there’s quite a bit of agritourism going on as well!

RAGBRAI 2022 - Old Town Vinyard

RAGBRAI 2022 – Old Town Vinyard; String Lights Providing Ambience

Charles City Cannot Be Overlooked

A 2022 RAGBRAI overnight town, Charles City is a regional center for public art and a shining example of how small towns can interact with water.

Once again, keep an eye out for more articles in this series as there are a number of other posts in the hopper like these.