National Implementation Month 2022

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Happy National Implementation Month!!

This year’s National Implementation Month is the 3rd on record and won’t be the last. The concept for the month-long event came out of my earlier articles entitled, “Implementation, the Lost Step in Comprehensive Planning“. The article looked into how few comprehensive plans are utilized to their fullest extent. Why go through the arduous work to develop a comprehensive plan if you aren’t going to use it on a regular basis?

Hence, the concept of National Implementation Month was created. This annual event is oriented towards getting those who love your community to come together and get in gear to implement one or more goals within your community plans.

January is an ideal month for the event. Everyone is looking to start a new year with a renewed energy to get things done. But unlike our own personal goals and resolutions, like weight loss, that is out the door the first time a mouthwatering slice of chocolate cake gets plopped down in front of you, there’s a shared drive. With a little urging, you can get a number of people behind achieving at least one goal.

National Implementation Month

Sure, this blog has no official capacity to declare an entire month as National Implementation Month. I don’t even have the power to declare such for the community that I work for. Maybe someday national recognition will happen. But for now, make National Implementation Month an event in your community. Gather others, pick out a goal, and make it happen!