Matt Mitchell on Small Town Development

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Sometimes we need a little chuckle to break up the rigors of revitalizing our communities. Often I check out a number of short videos, or “reels” as they are sometimes referred to, to create that break. One of the many content creators that I follow is Matt Mitchell. His take on southern and/or small-town life regularly breaks out a laugh in me.

Recently, Matt made a video about “How Every Small Town is Made“. It’s a lighthearted take on what would happen if two people decided to make a small town.

Matt’s take on how small towns are made includes a quip about Dollar Generals. It’s a subject that has been covered on Rural Resurrection before. “Addressing the Impact of Dollar Stores Part 1” and “Part 2” discuss how dollar stores are having a similar impact on the smaller towns that Walmart has had to the mid-sized communities in the Midwest.

Matt’s had some whimsical takes on Dollar General as well. He essentially likens Dollar General to an amoeba. Growing and replicating by itself! This includes “Dollar General is out of Control“. Check it out below.

The rest of Matt Mitchell’s videos are quite comical and fun to watch. Check out the rest of his YouTube channel when you have time.

Overall, while these videos may not help your community, as is the target of this blog, it’s nice to have a laugh about it once in a while.