Implementation Month: Posts from the Past

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When starting an Implementation Month activity in your own community, one month’s worth of posts may not be enough support. It may not be enough information, enough direction, or even enough motivation to get started.

Drawing inspiration from all of the previous posts on the topic may be helpful in building that momentum in your own community. Provided below are posts from past Implementation Months that may be helpful today.

The Matrix

The implementation matrix is a simple spreadsheet that lists out the goals and actions of various plans. A map toward completing projects. With many projects, especially large projects, organization is key. The matrix will help you organize your efforts to complete a project.

The Committee

In small towns there simply isn’t enough staff to implement the action items listed within that matrix. This is where the Implementation Committee comes in. Made up of a wide array of people with various backgrounds, the Implementation Committee may have the wherewithal to get your project done.


Most projects do not survive without the application of resources. These are not natural resources, but a combination of financial, human, and social resources that are vital to success.


A new year and a horrendous 2020 behind us. There should be a renewed sense of purpose to implement plans. But why celebration?

Smart Goals

Sometimes you need goals that are clear and concise regarding how to conduct an implementation action. Sometimes you need SMART goals.

Low-Hanging Fruit

Grabbing those easy low-hanging fruit objectives help with a sense of accomplishment. They also help to show others that community plans aren’t just dust collectors.

Implementation Month: Bite-Sized Pieces

Projects often fail due to an overwhelming overall scope. That’s why it’s important to break a project down into bite-sized pieces.