Branding for Communities: Links to Stories

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Branding is a new category for the Rural Resurrection website. Understanding the need for the development and implementation of a brand is important for every community.

Provided below is a list of the postings on Rural Resurrection about Branding. When new posts on this subject are added to the blog, this post will be updated and re-published later in the week.

Why Branding?

Communities are quickly realizing the importance of branding. Does your community need to go through a re-branding?

Branding for Communities: Signage

For many communities, signage is a point of frustration. But that shouldn’t keep your community from using it to express your brand.

Branding for Communities: Affordable Implementation

Implementation is a key step to any branding process. But it doesn’t have to be costly to have an impact on your residents and visitors.

Branded Trucks

Branded Trucks

Branding for Communities: Flags

Flags can be very polarizing pieces of fabric. But they are an important part of your community’s branding.

Once again, keep an eye out for more articles in this series as there are a number of other posts in the hopper like these.