Agritourism – Additional References

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We’re now three posts deep into a series highlighting the topic of “agritourism“. However, reading my short, rambling rants on the subject helps only so much. Provided below are some additional references for further insight, and specific examples to guide implementation.

Further Reading

Provided below are additional references for further reading on agritourism and its benefits:

  • American Planning Association Knowledgebase on Agritourism – This webpage is APA’s central resource on agritourism. It has information and a host of links to additional resources.
  • Agritourism Zoning Down on the Farm – This is another APA document that provides some insight on agritourism. It’s actually an article out of the “Zoning Practice”, a monthly publication on zoning put out by the Association. The document is relatively short, but provides some good information with links to other resources.
  • Planning for Agritourism – University of Purdue – This guidebook was developed for Indiana farmers and local governments. This too is a nice, quick summary on the topic with links to additional references.
  • Montgomery County, Maryland – Agritourism Study – Although Maryland is well outside of the Midwest, this is a good study about the impacts of agritourism. It provides an analysis of agritourism in a number of counties throughout the United States.

Comprehensive Plans and Zoning

Provided through the links below are some specific examples of how agritourism has been added to Comprehensive Plans and Zoning Ordinances.