RAGBRAI ’22 is Coming!

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It’s mid-July and that means that RAGBRAI ’22 is just around the corner. This year the annual event will be traversing the northern reaches of Iowa on its way to the City of Lansing. Once again I will be driving a support vehicle for team Buff Riders as they punish themselves biking through the hilly Iowa terrain.

Like in past years, I fully expect RAGBRAI ’22 to provide a treasure trove of potential content for the Rural Resurrection blog. There are already a couple of potential post topics that I have scoped out in checking out the towns along the way. But if you know of any unique aspects or stories about the following communities, let me know.


Meeting Towns

Meeting towns are communities that usually provide a lunch stop. Well, except for those crazy riders that start at 4 am. They’re usually too small to hold riders overnight, but big enough to handle the influx for a few hours. It’s usually a nice mid-point for riders and their support crew to meet up.

Overnight Towns

Overnight towns are communities that host most of the riders for the evening. These communities are large enough to handle all the riders and are typically the county seat for their respective county.

New to this year’s introductory post to the RAGBRAI event is linking each town’s name to its website. I’ve also included links to their Facebook page for the event. Check out each town’s website and event Facebook page. Every community approaches the annual event differently. Regardless of if your community is in Iowa or another state, it is a good practice to see what each community does for such large events. You can also see how each community handles marketing. After checking out a few websites or Facebook pages, you can typically tell who does a good job and why.

Hopefully, I’ll have time to post to social media channels along the way. So be sure to subscribe and check Rural Resurrection’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for short bits of content along the way.