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Adaptive Reuse is a relatively popular category for the Rural Resurrection website. If done right, an adaptive reuse project can be a profitable venture for those involved. But if done right, it can also become a visual centerpiece for your community, drawing others in.

Provided below is a list of the postings on Rural Resurrection about Adaptive Reuse projects. When new posts on this subject are added to the blog, this post will be updated and re-published later in the week.

Adaptive Reuse: Cawker City Gas Stations

n 2020 we introduced you to a couple in Kansas that rebuilt a 1930’s era gas station into a rustic hotel. The project was enough of a success that the couple has continued to reinvent spaces in other buildings along the main drag in Cawker City.

Old Station Inn

Old Station Inn – Courtesy Bill and Pam Brummer

Adaptive Reuse: Sedalia Depots (Katy Depot, Sedalia Depot)

The community of Sedalia, Missouri, had two railroad depots and was an important railroad town in its heyday. But as railroad activity waned, so did the maintenance of the depots. Eventually, not just one, but both structures saw significant renovations and changes to their original purpose.

You may know of an interesting adaptive reuse project. One that may be a helpful example to other communities, don’t keep it to yourself! Let us know through our contact form.

Adaptive Reuse: Ridgeway Community Center

The village of Ridgeway, Wisconsin, is a shining example of the energy that a community needs to complete an adaptive reuse project that can make a difference to a community. Nothing was going to slow this community down in making a difference through adaptive reuse.